Frequently asked questions

Music promotion campaigns


Do the campaigns have an expiration date?

You’ll have 12 months to use the campaigns you have purchased. The campaign won’t be activated until you provide us with a release date, no need to worry.

How do I know which is the best option for me?

Each release is unique. It will vary depending on your style, the language you choose to sing in, the type of song… The Acqustic team has no doubt that combining ads and playlisting is the best option. It will be the most effective way to activate Spotify’s algorithm and have a bigger reach.

Can I promote a song that I have already distributed with another company?

Sure, but we always highly recommend that you distribute with us. Catalog transfers can be made with little to no complications and they don’t affect your Spotify metrics. By distributing with Acqustic, other than reaching all streaming platforms, you will also be able to be part of our editorial catalog (and be featured in shows and TV).

Can I promote a song I have already released?

Yes, you can. All the promotion you can give it will always help. You’ll have to keep in mind that the less time it has gone by since the original release date, the better. That will make activating Spotify’s algorithm more feasible. If you released the song a while ago, a playlisting campaign might be your best option.

What if I want to promote more than one song?

Each single requires an individual campaign, but if you are releasing an EP or LP, you can write to and we will curate a personalized solution to promote it. 

How does distribution work?

Other than offering music promotion, Acqustic also distributes music across all streaming platforms. It’s easy, straightforward, and you will be able to do this through our platform. You can access it here, register and start distributing your music right away. 



From what profile will the campaigns be published?

All campaigns will be published from Acqustic’s profile. We have seen that this way we are able to generate better results rather than if the artist does their own promotion. Furthermore, due to how the campaigns are structured, they won’t generate a follower increase, as they have been designed to generate streams. In addition to that, managing the invoicing of the Meta/Facebook/Instagram platform is quite complex and it’s much simpler if we do it from our own profile. 

How long does each campaign last?

A campaign lasts on average around 28 days. We start working on it as soon as you give us a release date and we plan and strategize all actions carefully. Once this time window is finalized, you will receive a report with the results generated by your release and the achieved milestones. 

What happens if Spotify’s algorithm is not activated?

All actions work together to activate it, but we cannot guarantee this will be achieved. We have different rates of activation depending on the selected campaign (you will find them specified on the webpage). Combining ads and playlisting will give you the best shot at it, don’t hesitate to pick the best possible option for your release. 

Can I create my own designs for the ads?

No, but you can send us all the material you want. We will use different templates Utilizamos distintas plantillas que han sido concebidas para maximizar los resultados de las campañas, por ello no podemos utilizar otras. Pero por supuesto que todas las fotos/vídeos/textos que puedas tener, nos ayudarán a hacer buenas piezas. 

What can I do if I wanna reach a new type of fan?

If you want to reach a specific type of fan, different from your usual music, you can let us know once you have purchased your campaign and we will target it accordingly.

Can I direct my ad campaign to my profile so I can increase my social following?

Our campaigns are meant to generate streams for your songs and activate Spotify’s algorithm. We have seen that this is the most effective way to generate a positive impact for your release. If you want a social following increase campaign, you won’t be able to find them within Acqustic’s offer.

Can I increase the budget for an ongoing campaign?

No. Once you have purchased a campaign and set the release date, you won’t be able to modify it. If you want to increase the budget you will have to purchase an additional one, so think it through, and if you feel like you might run short, get a higher plan.  


How long will my song stay on the playlists?

That will vary depending on the playlist itself or its curator. It ‘s them who decide which songs to include, for how long and in which position within the list. On average, the time window is not less than 15 days, with the exception of the playlist with weekly picks, for example.

In what kind of playlist can I get in? Can I choose?

You won’t be able to choose in which playlist to get in. We have access to more than 150 playlists, from independent curators, to media outlets or influencers.  Within these there is a great variety of styles, moods and languages. We will pitch those that our team of curators considers most suitable for your song.




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